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Tasanee is a young exceptional artist who had began showcasing her talent at the young age of 4. Since she was little, Tasanee had a passion for art and loved to draw a broad range of things whether it was a portrait, landscape, or still life.

At only age 11, she had already started drawing in realism and dedicated herself to practicing almost every day to achieve her artistic dreams. After months of frequent practice, her artwork had become so realistic that people started to doubt she drew it.

Her parents created art accounts on multiple platforms to share her prodigous abilities with the world, where her videos would go viral. However, she got many comments accusing her of lying which upset her. She soon decided to post videos proving that she wasn't.

To this day she continues her passion for art while gaining exposure each day. Her artwork follows the style of semi-realism with each piece transporting the viewer to worlds where imagination and realism intertwine, making her a rising star in the realm of art.



100 N Dixieland Rd

Rogers AR, 72756